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Dec 26, 2012 12:45am EST
is remaining. you know, nobody can admit there's a specific romanian culture that's been formed by the consul let between innovators coming from central europe and those coming from the plateau which has fostered a suspicious negotiation and character they can see right of into the politics in bucharest to this day and i can go to every country, not every but many countries and talk about but. >> talk for a moment about germany. one of the images germany has natural boundaries to the north and south with the alps and further burden the east and the west is flat plains, so germany had a war over the century with germany or france or that area and poland and because germany was a continental power sandwiched between the maritime europe on one hand and the heartland towards the other it was always problematic which we it would go and how it would develop. i can across this book by accident in early 1989. the berlin fall with -- berlin wall would fall but november. it had occurred to me after reading this book and other books that the berlin wall or the dividing line between eastern an
Dec 14, 2012 12:00pm PST
in. my grandparents spoke russian, romanian, yiddish, and german. a sixth language? no way. they learned english, but they were never comfortable with it and they forgot it as soon as they could. my parents didn't speak english either, but they were going to live their lives in this country so they've learned it. they always spoken with a heavy accent and was something that was always a struggle for them. as they got older, they didn't want to do it anymore. my father spoke his last words in yiddish. we are born here, my native english speakers. i think you can mostly understand me. what i think about technology, i see a parallel and my family because i think about my parents, my parents have really become my grandparents' generation. if technology is something they did not want to learn. boy, would she like to forget it. she hates technology. we have really become a skilled computer users because we have had to. it is something we have had to learn, and we speak technology with an accent. we don't really know it intuitively. i looked at my kids, they are native speakers. they us
Dec 7, 2012 6:30pm PST
romanian politics are deadlocked because of the bitter long-running feud with the conservative supporting president. the european union says the efforts to remove him from office are undemocratic. one analyst says the fight has laid bare attitudes that are far from democratic. >> it was a huge misunderstanding from the social liberals who said, "we are the people and we want to take all the state for us because this is democracy. they did not understand the rule of law. the rule of law is more important. >> now that he survived the government's attempt to impeach him, he seems to be keeping himself out of the election campaign. the government oppose attempts to get rid of him he says are warranted, and he rejects outside criticism. >> the authoritarian style of the president is something which was very well known in romania, but it seems less well known at the level of the un member states. >> the ones behind the power struggle say the coalition is rolling back the previous government's attempts to fight corruption, a huge problem in romania. >> that was why. they wanted to have their own
Dec 6, 2012 9:30am PST
place. he had about 300 entries from all over the world. the winners were two romanian students who designed this. basically in his living room, pulls down his murphy bed. >> that's nice. >> you have to hide stuff in the walls here. >> basically all of the walls are full of storage. look at his desk. this is my favorite part of the apartment. >> that whole wall moves. >> he pulls an entire wall and created another room that also has storage and desk. this is a bathroom which doubles as a privacy booth. look at the bed or beds. >> murphy bunk bed? >> yes. >> he has multiple uses for every room in the apartment. this is where he's going to host 10 to 12 people for dinner. pulls out the desk and as you can see it's incredibly expandab expandable. he is with guests enjoying the apartment. >> dude thought of eryth >> the climb is steep and impossible in a wheelchair. >> can't leave your bro behind. if you're going to go on this hike, how could you not take him along? >> see how virginia tech students conquer their own tradition next. >>> and as you look at this video, ask yourself. >> wh
Dec 30, 2012 7:30pm EST
. my next-door neighbor was a romanian not see. we didn't speak for four years. but also there are lots of people living in madrid to ban who loved spanish culture as i do at one point in a book i called this took a love love letter to spain, and it is. but in addition -- i would see one domingo peron walking around in my neighborhood all the time. receive florencio but these walking around, but when i would see real nazis, that was something else. i went to a party. i was invited by akai in the spanish government to go to a party at his place, a big apartment and since he the guy worked with and cultural affairs, i went to the party can do what the door and immediately spotted two people come i couldn't believe it. i'm one of those around us able gardener who lived in spain and most days and on the other end of the room was our scores gainey, the guy hitler called his favorite soldier. he was the leader of the attack on this mountaintop with goliath, the partisans in italy had captured miscellanea more sure what to do with him in 43 and scores gainey in the middle of the night, an
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)